About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of Specialist Engineers providing Tier 2 & 3 support with Global coverage of Terrestrial, Subsea, Military, Mobile & Rail experience. Primarily providing remote technical support for a whole range of network issues. Our aim is to provide cost effective professional support to resolve & reduce down time of any network. We also provide cost effective 24/7 vNOC & managed service’s if you are looking to reduce your costs of Network Monitoring. Network analysis for capacity planning & expansion, along with a whole range of support. Specialist in over build & traffic migrations. Design, Build & Maintain to specific carrier requirements. Support with Vendor selection if you are looking to upgrade or expand your existing infrastructure to provide the most efficient, scalable & economic network. Easing network down time is paramount to the service we provide to our customers. We work closely with (SP’s) Service partner field engineers to give support whenever and wherever is needed.

  • NOC & Data Centre build, staff recruitment & training.
  • Specialist in Legacy Network Support.
  • Just because you run a legacy network, doesn’t mean you can’t get support.
  • Supported vendors: Nortel, Ciena, Alcatel, Huawei, Marconi, Transmode, Cisco, Siemens, Nokia, Ericsson, Xtera, to name a few.
  • 24/7 Emergency Response for Network issues & traffic recovery